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Positioning unit ASP-1750

The positioning unit ASP-1750 is made for positioning and, if necessary, lifting out workpiece carriers at a processing station. Different location bolts can be used.
The designation of the positioning units indicates the lifting force in N at 6 bar pneumatic pressure and the stroke in mm.
The respective standard stroke (40 mm) can easily be reduced with internal stroke limitation rings.
With the installed stoke limitation, the lowered position usually remains unchanged - the extended state of the positioning unit is influenced by the stroke limitation.

Technical data


The positioning units are double acting pneumatic cylinders. The basic housing is made of hard-anodized aluminium, the piston rod is made of stainless steel and can be used with various centering bolts.

Query option

Version “-I” – upper and lower position can be detected with inductive sensor.

Pneumatic connection

Connecting holes: G1/8
Piston diameter: Ø63 mm
Piston rod diameter: Ø25 mm

Distance A

The distance dimension A is the distance from the screw-on surface to the positioning pin.
For ASP-1750: A = 37,5 mm

Functional scheme

Double acting: The pneumatic cylinder can be moved by pneumatic pressure.

Temperature range

+5°C up to +60°C


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Positioning unit
1750 N piston force and 40 mm stroke
Option to query the upper and lowered position with inductive sensors
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