ASUTEC offers quality automation components for transfer systems according to national and international standards.
At different stations, such as manual workstations, robotic or automated stations, the workpiece pallet is stopped by ASUTEC components while the conveyor continues.

Stopper, Angle damper, pneumatical Separators, electric Separators, stop- and positioningunits, Accessories, rotary modules, terminal modules, assembly modules, lifting units, custom solutions and many more are some of the automation components of Asutec.

One or more accumulated workpiece pallets are stopped at a precise position or transported to their final position without vibrations. The so-called damped separator guarantees optimal stability of the workpiece in situ and allows the transport of sensitive workpieces. Meanwhile the stop , free of counterforce, remains in its terminal position. The pneumatic damping force can be adapted steplessly to the weight of the workpiece pallet. Integrated inductive and electronic sensing options provide information about position of the stop itself. The lowering velocity or the raising of the stop itself into its initial position can beadjusted by means of a throttle, rendering the stopping procedure noiseless.

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ASUTEC components control the flow of material. They undertake the task of stopping, damping and separating the workpiece pallets in front of queues, bends or positioning at automated workstations. Intelligent ASUTEC component technology for modern production lines.

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