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Workpiece carrier load (Single WT) m = kg
minimum number of accumulated workpiece carriers imin =
maximum number of accumulated workpiece carriers imax =
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Return Stop

Prevent rebound of the workpiece carrier

Backstops prevent the workpiece carrier from bouncing back after the stop process and can therefore hold the workpiece carrier exactly where you want it. Our backstops are also suitable for blocking the material flow against the specified conveying direction.
Predominantly installed in combination with our undamped stoppers/separators. Recommended for use in transfer systems with low belt friction. Spring-loaded pawl.

Available in pneumatic and electric versions.

Benefits of the electrical Return Stops

  • Elimination of pneumatic
  • Eco-Friendly production by abolition of the extract air
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Easy and very quick installation
  • High time and cost savings

Benefits ASR-007

  • Through compensatory movement of the stop plate, there is no possibility of tilting
  • Resistant against aggressive materials:e.g. oils, iron filing etc.
  • Because f the gavel stop plate over the complete component length the return stop is able too lower easier
  • No need for external air or electrical connection

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