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Position detection – retrofittable

Position detection - retrofittable 75003xxx

For different devices
Can be retrofitted for the inductive query of the upper and lowered position with inductive sensors M12x1

Technical data


Retrofittable position query for various devices for querying the upper and lowered position with inductive sensors M12x1 in clamp holders M16x1


Query block made of aluminum, query rod made of steel.


Installation under the appropriate device. For the conversion, the original devices have to be partially disassembled.


Inquiry block with mounting accessories. An assembly tool is not included in the scope of delivery, but is available as an accessory – see the variants below.


No items found

Assembly tool 84000041

T-key SW12
Tool for assembling the nut for the
retrofittable position query
or for the assembly / disassembly of the
Lowering piston for ASMS, ASM-60 and ASMHS-60


Retrofittable position query for the following devices:
ASU-120-EW-09 -> 75003000
ASU-120-DW-09 -> 75003074
ASU-400-EW-09 -> 75003000
ASU-400-DW-09 -> 75003011
ASU-400-EW-15 -> 75003001
ASU-400-DW-15 -> 75003013
ASU-400-EW-25 -> 75003002
ASU-400-DW-25 -> 75003014
ASU-410-EW-09 -> 75003030
ASU-410-DW-09 -> 75003031
ASU-800-EW-10 -> 75003018
ASU-800-DW-10 -> 75003019
ASU-800-EW-20 -> 75003009
ASU-800-DW-20 -> 75003020
ASMS-…-EW-08 -> 75003029
ASM-60-EW-08 -> 75003010
ASM-60-DW-08 -> 75003016
ASM-60-EW-13 -> 75003015
ASM-60-DW-13 -> 75003017
ASB-60-EW/DW-08 -> 75003016
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