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Retrun stop ASREL-003

Return stops prevent the workpiece carrier from bouncing back when stopping. The use of a backstop is always recommended when workpiece carriers are transported on a transfer system with low propulsive force. This is always the case, for example, with the accumulating roller chain as a conveying medium. The use of a return stop is highly recommended at high transport speeds. Because the backstop “locks” or positions the workpiece carrier, a cycle time reduction can also be achieved.
Electrically lowerable return stops are used instead of the normal return stops ASR where reverse transformation can occur. Therefore, the return stop must be lowered so that the workpiece carrier can pass the return stop from the reverse direction.

Technical data


Electrically lowerable return stop.
Ideally suited when reverse transportation occurs and workpiece carriers have to cross the return stop from the opposite direction.

Electric connection

5-pole M12x1 connector

Electrical Power ratings

Power supply: 24 VDC
Duty cyle: 25%
Current consumption: 1,25 A

Minimum workpiece carrier weight

2 kg (all variants)

Functional scheme

When the device is supplied with electricity, the integrated solenoid activates (opens) the return stop pawl.
At this moment, no workpiece carrier is allowed to press against the pawl in the opposite direction to the transport direction.
The return stop must not be used as a stopper. It is not allowed to stop a workpiece carrier conveyed against the specified transport direction.

Temperature range

+5°C up to +60°C


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Electric return stop
Minimum weight of workpiece carrier 2 kg
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