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Workpiece carrier load (Single WT) m = kg
minimum number of accumulated workpiece carriers imin =
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Acceleration module ASB-60-EW-D08

Acceleration modules ensure that workpiece carriers leave the processing station faster and the next processing cycle can start earlier. This reduces the cycle time. Acceleration modules are particularly effective on conveyor lines with accumulation roller chains.

Technical data


Suitable for the Bosch Rexroth TS 2 and many more transfer systems.
There is only one air connection. This is only used for acceleration.
The lowering takes place like a retrun stop, by conveying the workpiece carrier over the acceleration plate.


The acceleration module is fastened using the side mounting holes for M8 screws.

Pneumatic connection

Connection threads: M5

Functional scheme EW-D08

Single acting:
The acceleration plate is held in its upper position by a compression spring.
With the air connection P1, the acceleration plate of the module is extended (accelerated).
The acceleration module cannot be actively lowered. Therefore, this acceleration module cannot be used in conveyors where reverse trasportation can occur.

Piston diameter and stroke

Piston diameter for acceleration piston: 25 mm
Acceleration stroke: 60 mm
The speed of the acceleration piston can be adjusted using a throttle screw on the top of the device.

Spring forces

Forces of the spring in the acceleration piston:
F1 = 19 N; F2 = 30 N

Temperature range

-20°C up to +80°C


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Accelerator module for workpiece carrier loads from 4,5 kg up to 60 kg
Single-acting function, 8 mm stroke via rotary joint
In the basic position the stop plate is retracted and
can be traversed as a return stop
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