Slide Stop

Slide Stops

Asutec Slide Stops are designed to stop the workpiece pallets transverse movement and position it over the lift transfer unit for lowering on to the main conveyor section. The Slide Stops provide a high level of directional control to optimize your material traffic flow pattern.


The Slide Stop is mounted externally to the conveyor profile and between the return unit of the transverse section. The compact design of the Asutec Slide Stop allows mounting between two parallel longitudinal conveyor sections, with a minimum width requirement of “a”.

Function: The key to the function of the Asutec Slide Stop is the ability to position the stop below the transfer level of the workpiece pallet which allows the pallet to pass over the Slide Stop.  Based on your control method you determine the default position of the stop, raised or lowered.  Working in conjunction with the lift transfer modules and the pallet stops on
the longitudinal conveyor sections the Slide Stops allow you to navigate 2-way, 3-way and 4-way intersections as well as bi-directional in-feed / out-feed applications.

In addition to the high level of traffic control, the addition of two ranges of dampening capacity provides reduced impact function over a wide range of payload values.

advantages ASMV-160-DW-17-I-100:

There are 4 air connections available for our slide stop ASV-160:

P1:  Lower the stop plate
P2:  Position the stop plate
P3:  Retract the stop plate
P4:  Extend the stop plate

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