Stops, separates and damps one or more accumulated workpiece carriers at a defined workpiece carrier stop plate in conveyor systems or at the working piece directly.


Device design: Basic housing made of hard anodized aluminum and stop plate made of hardened steel. Air damping system, adjustable damping effect

Weights of the devices:
ASMEL-120-DW-09-G5: 2,3 kg


In order to ensure a perfect lowering movement of the separator, the propulsive force of 83 N must not be exceeded. This value applies to the ASUTEC standard steel stop plate and a steel stop surface at the workpiece carrier. In order to ensure that the stop plate reaches the damping end position, the minimum propulsive force for the ASMEL-120 must be > 8.2 N.


Caution: If several workpiece carriers in transfer systems get accumulated and get separated later, it must be ensured that when releasing the first workpiece carrier (WT) the total mass of the following workpiece carriers does not exceed the maximum weight to be stopped at any time.

The maximal ram pressure depending on:

  • the friction between the WT and conveyor media (belt, accumulation roller chain, flat top chain, …)
  • the friction between the WT and stop plate
  • the pneumatic pressure
  • the position of the WT stop plate
  • the environmental conditions (dust, pneumatic consumers in the system etc.)


Time to lower the separator: 0.4 seconds
Time to rise up the separator: 0.3 seconds
Minimum cycle time: 3.5 seconds


The electrical separator ASMEL-120 is a separators with damping. The damping is with air and can be finely adjusted via a throttle screw.

Further information are provided in the operating manual.


For normal operation, the separator is connected to the actuator connection (X1 Act) and to the sensor connection (X2 Sens). Both connectors have a size M12x1 and have 5-pins.

Further information are provided in the operating manual.


24 Volt ± 15%, with reverse polarity protection. If the voltage is higher or lower, the Power LED starts flashing in 0.25 second intervals. No more commands are executed. If the voltage range is between 20V and 28V again, then the Power LED is permanently on. The separator is then ready for use again.


Residual current: 0.1 A
Peak current: 1.6 A
The current consumption of the separator takes place via the supply voltage of the actuator-connection (pin 4).


High-Level > 19 V
Low-Level < 8 V

High-Level = supply voltage – 1,2 V ( approx. 20 V … 27 V)
Low-Level < 1 V

OPEN: The LED “NO” (opened) lights up yellow when the separator is open.
CLOSED: The LED “NC” (closed) lights up yellow when the separator is closed.


Temperature range: + 5°C up to + 60°C (without accessories)


The device is maintenance-free. Clean the separator and its surrounding environment depending on the degree of soiling. The area around the stop plate and on the guide rods of the damping piston must be clean and free from chips in order to ensure precise positioning of the workpiece carrier.


The devices are supplied without accessories. The accessories are freely selectable and adapt to the ambient conditions. All supplied accessories can be mounted on customer request.

Datasheet / Operating manual – PDF
Step-file –> Downloadable below at the variants

Fastening set

Plug connector, angled, 5-pole

Operating rangev = (m/min)69121518243036
ASMEL-120Mass WT (kg)12 - 12012 - 9512 - 8012 - 7012 - 6012 - 5012 - 3512 - 25

The values, given in the table above for the permissible total weight of the accumulated workpiece carriers (WT) and the permissible conveying speed, apply with a belt friction of µ=0,07 between workpiece carrier and conveyor band and with the use of an ASUTEC standard stop. To select the suitable separator, we recommend the use of our online product finder.
The specified weight range is composed of the minimum workpiece carrier weight mmin and the maximum workpiece carrier weight mmax.
Minimum propulsive force: The minimum propulsive force can be calculated using the formula FRmin = m/min · g · µ.
For the ASMEL-120 -> FRmin = 8,2 N. This minimum propulsive force must not be less than this, in order to ensure that the stop can be pushed by the WT into its damped (retracted) position.
Maximum propulsive force: This maximum propulsive force may not be exceeded in order to ensure a sufficient damping effect and thus the separator has sufficient force for lowering. For the ASMEL-120 -> FRmax = 83 N
Adjustment of damping: The adjustment of the damping effect can be regulated within a certain range. As an experience value can be stated that when the damping is adjusted to a certain weight, other weights in a range of ± 50% can be damped properly with this setting.
For example: Damping optimally adjusted to 50 kg mass to be dampened -> Damping of masses from 25 kg to 75 kg well possible. At lower masses, the damping end position is reached late or not at all. At higher masses, the damping is not strong enough and the speed of the workpiece carrier at the damping end position is still too high and the workpiece carrier will be abruptly stopped.

Too many different variations - Find the suitable electric stopper!


Electrically controlled separator with air damping
For workpiece carrier loads from 12 kg up to 120 kg
Double acting function, 9 mm lowering stroke
Connection G5: A 5-pin connector M12x1 for actuators and sensors


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