Seperator High-Speed

The high-speed seperator can damp higher wokpiece carriers very easily and gently. Of course, the high-speed separator are not just for higher loads, but also for higher speeds.
The series contains for workpiece carrier weights with a maximum impact force per WT between 0.25 kg, and 400 kg. For inductive query, whether a workpiece carrier is on hold in front of the separator or already crosses the separator, mounting options for proximity switches are available.

It’s up to the user
Higher masses can be transported at the same speed or the same mass can be transported at a higher speed. The improved damping system of the ASMHS* series thus meets all the requirements of fast and flexible production.

Damping modules will be used for vibration-free damping of workpiece carriers up to the end position. They guarantee an optimal stability of the workpieces. The stop plate will remain in end position without counterforce. Therefore the  workpiece carriers can be positioned exactly without additional indexing.  The pneumatical damping can easily be adjusted to the weight of the workpiece carrier. Accessories can be selected as required.



Manufacturer multiply the use of these devices their throughput
The new dampers minimize, depending on the model, compared to the versions previously used the force of impact by up to 50%
All pneumatic Separators are equipped with infinitely adjustable damping
Hard impacts in connection with a rebound of the workpiece pallet can be completely excluded
High, narrow workpieces, with the risk of a high tilting moment can be easily transported on small workpiece holders

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