The separating stop ASMEL-1000-EW-D09-I stops, separates and damps one or more accumulated workpiece pallets at a defined stop surface on the workpiece pallet or directly at the conveyed workpiece.


Electrical separating stop with self-adjusting damping unit
Aluminum basic housing, hard-anodized
Stop plate made from hardened steel
Optimal damping of workpiece pallets up to a mass of 1000 kg


Stopping, separating and damping of one or more accumulated
pallet holders at a defined pallet holder stop plate or at the
working piece directly.


Dependent of:
– the friction between workpiece pallet and the transfer system.
– the friction between work piece holder and the stop plate.
– the position of the work piece holder stop plate.
– the ambient conditions (dust).


If a plurality of workpiece carriers accumulated in transfer systems before they get separated, it must be ensured that the release of the first workpiece holder, the total mass of the following stopped workpiece holders exceed the maximum weight at any time. (see table)


Voltage                     24 V
Duty cycle                100%
Current consumption 1.82 A


open         electrical
close       via spring loead


+5°C up to + 60°C


No maintenance is required. The area around the stop plate must be clean and exempt from swarf to guarantee an exactly positioning of the pallet holder.


No maintenance is required. The area around the stop plate must be clean and exempt from swarf to guarantee an exactly positioning of the pallet holder.

Datasheet / Operating manual – PDF
Step-file –> Downloadable below at the variants

Step-file –> Downloadable below at the variants

Operating rangev = (m/min)91215182430
ASMEL-1000Mass WT (kg)80 - 100080 - 83080 - 60080 - 50080 - 25080 - 120

The values, given in the table above for the permissible total weight of the accumulated workpiece carriers (WT) and the permissible conveying speed, apply with a belt friction of µ=0,07 between workpiece carrier and conveyor band and with the use of an ASUTEC standard stop. To select the suitable separator, we recommend the use of our online product finder.
The specified weight range is composed of the minimum workpiece carrier weight mmin and the maximum workpiece carrier weight mmax.
Minimum propulsive force: The minimum propulsive force can be calculated using the formula FRmin = mmin · g · µ.
For ASMEL-1000 -> FRmin = 54,9 N
This minimum propulsive force must not be less than this, in order to ensure that the stop can be pushed by the WT into its damped (retracted) position.
Maximum propulsive force:
ASMEL-1000: FRmax = 687 N
This maximum propulsive force may not be exceeded in order to ensure a sufficient damping effect and to ensure a sufficient force for lowering.

Too many different variations - Find the suitable electric stopper!


Separator with damping for workpiece carrier loads from 80 kg up to 1000 kg
Single-acting function, by a single stroke control solenoid
9 mm lowering stroke via swivel joint
Query for upper position with inductive sensor
Query for stop plate in damped position with inductive sensor
Connection with rectangular connector


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