electric return stop ASREL

Return stops prevent the pallet holder from rebounding after the stopping procedure of the separator.
Primarily in connection with undamped separators. Recommended for conveyor systems with low friction.


The return stop is used to avoid rebounding of the workpiece pallet when using separators without damping. The return stop can not be use as a single unit, for example, be installed as a directional lock.
Minimum weight of pallet holder: 3 kg
Maximum weight of pallet holder: 1000 kg

Spring force stop plate

upper position: 2,2N
lower position: 9,1 N


open: through overrun the pallet holder or electrical
close: via spring force

Electrical power ratings

Voltage: 24 V
Power-on-time: 100%
Current consumption: 1,18 A

Electrical connection

Plug DIN-certified EN 175301-803 (DIN 43650)

Temperature range (without accessoires)

-5°C up to + 60°C


The items will be delivered without accessories.
Accessories can be freely selected according to the ambient conditions.
All supplied accessory parts are mounted by customer request.


No maintenance is required. The area around the stop plate must be clean and exempt from swarf to guarantee an exactly positioning of the pallet holder.

Data sheet
Step-file –> Downloadable below at the variants

Rectangular connectors
DIN EN 175301-803, cable length 5m

Too many different variations - call us, we can help!


Electric Return stop
Minimum weight of pallet holder 3 kg


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