Accelerator module

Accelerator module

Extremely short cycle times within the second range are commonplace in the production of electronic components. Here, ASUTEC’s accelerator module enables a marked reduction in cycle times by reducing the period between the individual machining cycles.
The accelerator module ensures that the part being machined leaves the machining station more quickly, allowing the next machining cycle to begin at an earlier stage. There is potential for a reduction of up to 1 second in cycle times. If operators use the accelerator module in combination with the ASUTEC damping module, this will also address the precision issue. The part is machined after the precise, smooth stop procedure, and the accelerator module is started via compressed air supply as the part is released.

Accelerator module - Why they are needed?

Benefits ASB-20/60-EW-08:

Workpiece pallets will leave the processing station faster
Reduces cycle times
Reduces manufacturing costs
Intensity of acceleration is adjustable
In conjunction with Asutec Damping units exact procedures are implemented
Uncomplicated implementation

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